Electricity and energy analysis with a focus on decarbonisation

Mostly written and presented by David Leitch with assistance as required.

Since 2016 David is the owner of ITK a consultancy providing project and market evaluation.

Previously David had 33 experience in research at leading Australian Investment Firms leading teams that rated No 1 in the main market survey in Utilities, Infrastructure and Building materials at one time or another.

David is also the cohost of “Energy Insiders”. The podcast features interviews from a wide range of leading stakeholders in the Australian Energy industry as well as international experts.


ITK provides consulting services consisting of industry and project analysis.

We maintain supply and demand tables, merit order calculations and merit order pricing estimates

We do NPV project analysis, business analysis and general outlook consulting.

ITK has undertaken assignments for a range of major corporates, not for profits and other organisations.

Contact us at admin@itkservices.com.au