8 Jun 24

Am emerging leading light in understanding social cohesion and division in the transition is Associate Professor Rebecca Colvin.

“So, for instance, quite a bit of research has shown that Australia is the second most polarised country on climate change along left-right political lines, with the US being the most polarised country.”


A topical quote considering todays headlines that the LNP is more or less turning its back on Paris commitments.

5 Jun 24

A reminder tha there are 20 GW of wind and solar operating

And the total is set to grow 30% based on projects under construction, although Rye Park 400 MW wind could now be regarded as operating reducing the growth rate.

3 Jun 24

CIS scheme webinar

  • Not a lot of real news but well attended plenty of Q&A. In response to my question about will it get new capacity built there seems to be a general focus rather than specific provisions. Ie choosing projects that are capable and will be built. Comes down to who is doing the administering.
  • Focus on getting the right number of bidders as the assement process will take months, and too many will slow it down.

2 Jun 24

Renewmap is the go

renewmap is the best new site to open in 2024. Great map based coverage of esxising, being constructed and proposed generation

Binsted Chair NSW Energyco

As announced here Paul Binsted, Chair of Stanwell has been appointed Chairpoers onf the Board of the Energy Corporation of NSW. CEO is Paul Hay.